A downloadable game for Windows

With brand new audio !!!

Develloped in less than 2 hours, Cats & Shit is the second installement of the "X & Shit" series. I intented to add a shop system and more features, though, I believe you will understand why I didn't. I thought it was boring after the first hour and a half of developpment, so now everything explodes.

This is a silly game you can pass, I had a blast making it and I believe that sharing how stupid and funny this game is would be relevant. And so is the "X & Shit" mentality.

- Controls -

Left Click - Shoot Fireball

WASD - Move

Shift - Run

- Credits -


Install instructions

This is a game maker studio installer.

  1. Double click on the installer.
  2. Open the game
  3. Litteraly


Cats&Shit.exe 4 MB

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