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Work your way through the land of avery, with the help of steve, your textbox and awkward guru ! You are 3 bosses away from saving the land, what are you waiting for !

Steve manifests his reality through a text box to help you save the land of Avery from the infamous Bone Clan.

// Devellopment


SwordBone is a project I made in one month using the drag and drop feature of Game Maker Studio. I only had 1 month experience and you don't have to hold back on criticisms.

Warning ! : There are typos and strange sentence structures because of a badly designed dialog system.

This 30-45 minute video game has 3 bosses and 5 main world.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it !

- Xandersauce


I made this game with assets from a Shaun Spalding Tutorial and Toby Fox's Undertale. I also used Undertale's music for the project. Regardless of my attempts at modifying certain assets, I do not own any asset or soundtrack used in this game.

Shaun Spalding Tutorial:

Undertale: http://undertale.com/

Install instructions

This is a game maker studio installer.

  1. Double click on the installer.
  2. Open the game
  3. Litteraly


SwordBone.exe 3 MB


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Too bad that you have to restart at the start of the entire level if you die in Skullland :-/

Really hard, man!

I agree...
I died more than I can think while testing the game. At least, after finishing it, you get a code to warp across Skullland ;)

I thought of fixing it, because I agree that the respawns are horendous. Maybe I should fix it...