A downloadable game for Windows

"A psychological trip into the mind of a tormented relationship."
"In the end... You never were too far away from me"

Important controls

  • Press "SpaceBar", once both of the characters are on the coloured pads, to move to the next room.
  • If you want to restart a room, press "R"
  • Press "F" for Fullscreen

This game's screen is borderless for a reason, in order to quit the game PRESS "E"

Length of playthrough: Around 5-20 minutes
Length of developpment: 2-3 days

This game does not keep track of your progress, if you close the game it will restart from the beggining.


(I Didn't remember where I found them, until I went to look for some oracle of seasons sprites)


Install instructions

This is a game maker studio installer.

  1. Double click on the installer.
  2. Open the game
  3. Litteraly


Torn Apart 15 MB


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I liked it. It's simple, challenging but not frustrating. Sound, story and simple visuals works perfectly together to create immersive, interesting atmosphere. Judging it for what it is, it's a good simple game.